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Originally Posted by reeve21 View Post
Very nice, Larry. Tasty licks and great variation in the dynamics. I went into this pretty sure I would prefer the six string, since that is my normal default, but I ended up liking them both very much. Great job!
Thanks Bob! I sure appreciate the nice words. I did the 12 string version mainly out of curiosity, and liked it a little more than I expected. Thanks for commenting!
Originally Posted by islandguitar View Post
Oh man, Larry, these were great!! I ended up liking the 12'er! The six string gives you some great bass, but the additional complexity of the 12 over all the melody really does it for me. (your playing does the job!).
You've got some great chops.......loved them both.
All the best from Rhode Island, hope you are doing well.
Hi Fred, thanks! I appreciate it, and am somewhat surprised! I donít play the 12 string much, trying to find the right use for it. Itís a bit of a trade off for me with this bluesy type of playing - more complex sound, but less subtlety and feel.
Iím healing slowly, thanks for the good wishes, hope youíre well out there in R.I.!

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