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Originally Posted by Carmel Cedar View Post
USB, very cool build - and a wonderful thread to document it. Congratulations on a 7 year dream coming true!

That neck - is awesome. I do believe that's the first "burst" (or as John puts it, "fade") neck finish ever seen in these parts. What a creative take on the humble neck - I love it!!

I have a 2003 Circa 00-12 fret in Adi/Cocobolo that is amazing, the loudest 00 I've ever played (even more so than a former Olson parlor/00) with wonderful vintage tone. Maple is reputed to be magic in John's hands. I look forward to following this one. When it comes home to you, please plan to post video or at least soundclips when done for us long-distance fans!
You see burst necks every once in a while, especially on some of the Gibson replicas.

John's idea reminds me quite a bit of those old Gibsons with the back of the headstock painted black. But his idea to fade the color to black into the neck heel I haven't seen. I agree with Bob that it'll be a gorgeous tie-in with the ebony binding.
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