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Yep - in both cases, my path was Go Broad, Go Pricey, then Go for Hidden Gem.

Electric: lived with many over the years. Invested in nice old ones, e.g., a '57 LP Special and an amazing old Black Beauty. Then I built a parts-o-Nocaster that incorporated everything I liked and learned from those pricey guitars. It's the only electric I play, and was maybe $800.

Acoustic: tried a bunch, and have a 1946 J-45 and a 1930 0-21, both stunning. By my One Acoustic is a cheap 60's Harmony Sovereign Auditorium. Great old tonewoods, hide glue, ladder bracing which suits my busy, aggressive style and my quick changes to Open G slide. Just super-versatile for what I want. And with pickup installed, about $550.

An old Gibson and a couple of old Martins; a couple of homebrew Tele's
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