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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Thats pretty impressive I did not realized Reaper had upgraded the basic video capability that much . I does appear (like some of Reapers audio work flow options) to be a bit more cumbersome to implement, than a full featured Video editing software program BUT but seems very usable for basic video and would work well (if a lot or FX and processing are not needed ) I am guessing that it could function for the OP (depending on actual level of video editing and FX desired)
And would have the benefit of having full featured Audio and basic video all in one software program.
A full featured dedicated video editing program is going to be easier to understand, especially considering how video manipulation is implemented in Reaper.

Most users simply look at the various buttons available on the main screen and assume you can't do much with video in Reaper.

It takes a bit more digging, and you then realize that all of the video manipulation is actually handled in Reaper using a "plug in", meaning it's similar to what you would do to edit EQ or add reverb to an audio track.

Once you open up the Video plug in then you have the "Aha!" moment.
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