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Originally Posted by kayakman View Post
Has anyone asked ,why did you spend that much money on a guitar?Just curious..

Way back in 1999, I bought my first Collings guitar, a DS2h, the nearest thing to perfection for me that I had ever played.
At 2750 ($3800USD) it was more than twice as much as I'd ever paid for a guitar, and I'd been a Martin player up to then.

I took it around to show friends, and was, frankly, ridiculed.

I played that guitar for 20 years and sold it in 2018 for what I bought it for.

I've bought used Collings since and only spent a similar amount on a '34 Gibson (imported from USA so including shipping to UK, excise duties, handling charges and 20% VAT on all).

Non guitarists and the thrashers - cannot possibly understand. Bluegrassers can and do.

Old Joke : "Folk guitarist walks into a guitar shop and asks "what have you got for 50?
Bluegrass guitarist follows him in and asked what is the finest guitar in the shop?"

I guess you had to be there, I'll see myself out.
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