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Default Breaking down the Robbins/Martin Cowboy sound?

I realize this could easily go in "general", but since the archtop group tends to be more into jazz and similar sounds, I want to post this here. As a big fan of Marty Robbins cowboy music, I have come to love his album Cowboy Ballads and Trail Songs. My understanding is that the lead "ranchero" style guitar was played by Grady Martin on archtop, while I "think" much of the rhythm was Robbins on a flat top (I could be wrong here).

I am also a fan of western swing music (Asleep at the Wheel, Bob Wills, etc.). I know there are a few videos on western swing, but not a ton. It seems like the comping and chord work in western swing isn't too far removed from jazz.

So, in relating to the sound I am looking for, is learning the basics of jazz helpful here? Or should I concentrate solely on WS music? Or should I scrap both and concentrate on Ranchero Mexican music?

Thoughts? As a young 51 year old, I don't want to spend years of intensive jazz study and am more interested in learning the basics to build on. I'm just not sure WHICH basics to build on!
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