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Originally Posted by hairpuller View Post
Paul was the most talented beatle and I donít think it was even close. Shoot , George couldnít even pull off some of their leads; Paul had to do them! This coming from someone whose favorite beatle is George.
It took me awhile to wise up to this, but they're all "talented"--or whatever mixture of focus, practice and some genetic pre-disposition leads to art that intrigues and works. And those Beatle parts along with George Martin and Emerick et al and the times interacted in magnified and magnificent ways.

These things are hard to measure in a subjective field like art, and with Paul I had to get around the "cute" tag that got applied to him early and the "pop Pablum" tag that got applied to him at the time of the breakup to really hear what he was doing without prejudice.

Here's two more props I'll give George, the Dark Horse:

Indian music would have filtered in somehow to the West (Coltrane and some other things came first) but Harrison made sure everyone heard it. How many were inspired either by him or had audiences and their ears opened up by him?

Life of Brian. The film might well not have happened without his financing it.
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