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Originally Posted by Davis Webb View Post
The data shows the incidence rate in the US as;


So about 5 people out of 100,000 have the gene. That is no epidemic.
It might be worth while to cite more recent studies than one from 14 years ago.
More recent studies have found a higher incidence rates.

The prevalence of CD in the United States was 0.71% (1 in 141), similar to that found in several European countries. However, most cases were undiagnosed. CD was rare among minority groups but affected 1% of non-Hispanic whites. Most persons who were following a GFD did not have a diagnosis of CD.


In a systematic review and meta-analysis, we found celiac disease to be reported worldwide. The prevalence of celiac disease based on serologic test results is 1.4% and based on biopsy results is 0.7%. The prevalence of celiac disease varies with sex, age, and location. There is a need for population-based prevalence studies in many countries.

Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
the supply of no-sugar-added products shrank dramatically and the supply of gluten-free products burgeoned so that now the amount of products in the two categories are just about exactly inverted, about one no-sugar-added product to every ten gluten-free products available.

It isn't just the offerings at the supermarkets, either. Manufacturers discontinued many no-sugar-added products to make manufacturing time and space for gluten-free products.
We have been shopping and purchasing sugar free products for nearly twenty years, and have only observed an increase in the number of products being offered. Perhaps the stores in your region of the country have discontinued stocking sugar free products. Here, the number and variety of items have only increased and that has made shopping for them much easier.
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