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Originally Posted by Edgar Poe View Post
For the past 5000 plus years people have eaten Gluten bread. Now it's bad for you ?
Bread and wine have been served for millennium.

I'm not the most compassionate person when it comes to issues that might possibly be considered trendy, but my dear Wife of 30 years is definitely sensitive to both gluten and sulfates. Took us 2 decades to finally ask why she felt awful after eating certain foods. Gluten leaves her a slave of the restroom and sulfates make her lips and mouth break out in blisters. Took her a long time to have some extensive testing done, but sure enough there are dietary concerns. Celiac runs in her family with an Aunt and Cousin that can't have a shred of gluten without intense pain. She doesn't need to push it so avoids gluten and sulfates when possible. Not too many complaints from me as wheat stuffs are junk fillers in a lot of processed food.

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