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Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
Unfortunately the masses fell prey to the buzzwords and as such what was once an effective course of treatment has been dismissed as a “fad diet.”
Precisely. Fortunately, 'feelings' will never (ever!) trump facts and gluten simply isn't good for us, at all! And no matter how many people continue to insist (feel) that gluten-free is just another 'fad', the facts tell a very different story indeed (see my previous post).

"But we've been eating certain foods for centuries with no problems!"

Really? That all depends on an individuals level of understanding, and to the extent that is limited, so is their perception of the problem, which is seemingly non-existent to the more 'feeling' driven.

Just to say, I became gluten-free to support my daughter when she was diagnosed as coeliac (which is on the rise). And I have never been in better health. Again, see my previous post for a greater understanding of just how this rubbish is affecting people, whether they are aware of it or not (reality NEVER discriminates!), and people who I haven't seen for a while comment, almost without fail, how better I'm looking.

And it amazes me how people can eat the rubbish that passes for food (usually because they've seen it advertised) and then have a problem with gluten free produce being advertised! And yet, when it's stuff that they 'understand' (they usually don't) it's just good old fashioned "marketing/advertising" that's been used to sell it. But when it's something they (also) don't understand, it's "propaganda".

Another shout out to those with the guts (probably healthy!) to produce and make available these very much needed (so-called) 'alternatives'...
"Discovery is as much a productive activity as creation." - David Friedman
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