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Originally Posted by tbeltrans View Post
The Sable and Touring are apparently melted carbon fiber pellets too
I was going to bring this up as well...when I reached out to McPherson to inquire about the material of the back and sides, they referred to it as a 'carbon composite'. Does that mean they use carbon-reinforced plastic pellets that are melted down and then vacuum-molded? And is this the same process that makes the Lava Me more affordable? I hope not...

Now, McPherson claims they use this composite because it removes some of the brightness that carbon fiber tends to impart and gives the Sable a warmer more wood-like tone, but I also saw an interview with a guy from McPherson who was talking about how they initially got started with carbon fiber.

The story went that they were experimenting with making cases from carbon fiber, but they realized that since the cases are essentially given away with the guitar, there would be much more profit in making the guitar itself in carbon fiber.

I think of carbon fiber as a semi-exotic material. I like how lightweight it is, how strong it is, and I like the way it looks. Compared to an Emerald, which features the actual weave on the top, back, sides, neck, etc...the Sable is mostly the (rather Ovation-like and not all that exciting to look at) composite material.

All that to say, I hope the carbon composite isn't just a profit-enhancing measure, given the street prices for Sables.

Not to take anything away from them, they are beautifully engineered, beautifully finished instruments and the pride and passion McPherson has for building the best sounding guitars is clear if you watch their factory tour videos.
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