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Reading between the lines and looking at a video or two, I recall that this is not the laid-up carbon fiber cloth that we are used to seeing. These are melted pellets that contain some carbon fibers for reinforcement and are injection molded like many plastics. That is how they get their price point down, which is the major appeal.

Other threads have pointed out the small sound hole as a drawback when trying to change internal batteries for the on-board effects. (The on board effects seem to be a direct rip off a Yamaha product too). The neck is 1-11/16" at the nut, a deal breaker for many of us. That is where I stopped looking when these first appeared last year. The appeal of a cheap, smallish, portable guitar that is impervious to environmental conditions is compelling. I surely would not say "no" if someone gifted me one, but have little interest in purchasing a Lava Me for myself.
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