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Originally Posted by cqxiao View Post
Hi, Captain:

Really enjoy your recordings.

Two questions.

1. Is your X10 short scale (like 24.75 instead of 25.5 standard)?
2. How do you compare the neck between X20 and X7?
Are they similar or X7 is more bulky?

Thanks, Chong. To answer your questions...

1. My X10 has a 24.6" scale. That makes it a 13-fret to the body. Best access to the upper frets of any acoustic I've owned. This neck is thinner than my X7 or X20.

2. My X7 (previous generation) has a 24" scale; the X20 has a 25.5" scale. The feel of each is similar as far as thickness. I have read that the new X7 is a bit thinner than the version I have. My favorite neck profiles have been the Taylors I preferred before discovering the advantages (and tone) of carbon fiber. This new X10 is more like a Taylor neck, the X7 and X20 are a bit thicker - certainly not uncomfortably so.

Hope that helps.