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I have said, for a number of years, that the 10 came the closest I've come to an acoustic that plays like an electric. Alistair and I have pushed that with nylon string acoustic guitars that play like electrics. I think Alistair has it down.

I also think that a lot of you who play electrics are missing the boat. Another way of going acoustic/electric is to go electric/acoustic. As many of you know, I have an Emerald 7, thin-bodied, electric acoustic guitar. It's incredible.

So incredible that Alistair is now working on a 10, thin-bodied, electric acoustic guitar. The thin CF 7 body produces a surprising projection, one capable of being heard in a group of players. My hope is that the new 10 will be the ultimate electric/acoustic hybrid.

The new 10 acoustic Emerald has an incredible array of electronic options. I can imagine those being in a thin, hollow-bodied , steel string guitar. I have some of those in my forthcoming, woody, 10. I think everyone should have one.

And oh, I know where you can get one.