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Originally Posted by raysachs View Post
I find all of the plugged sound options interesting, but mostly in an academic way. The only reason I ever plug an acoustic in is to be able to record acoustic loops into my looper to play along with. It just has to sound basically like an acoustic guitar, which anything with a pickup seems to do well enough. I'm not terribly discriminating, to say the least. And I play unplugged at least 98% of the time. So I'm not a candidate for an X10 and would possibly remove the electronics from my X7 if I thought I could do it easily and without damaging the guitar at all. Then again, it's not hurting anything to have them...

Even with my electrics, I have one basic sound I keep everything dialed into and the only things I ever really change are an OD and a boost pedal so I can dial in a bit of gain for lead parts. I find a sound I like and generally don't mess with it...

I get that, Ray. I have said before that the X10 isn't a guitar for everyone... while the body design is certainly similar to the other current Emerald offerings, acoustic guitar "purists" will probably be appalled at the controls (knobs and a switch) on the side, individual saddles, and a humbucking pickup on the top!! Of course, "purists" may feel much the same way about anything carbon fiber and body styles that aren't a dreadnaught.

When I saw the X10 at Emerald's 20th Anniversary unveiling, I was surprised by the those things mentioned above...then the "Aha!" went off. I play plugged in more often than unplugged. This guitar doesn't just bridge the gap between a nice acoustic and an electric, it fills the gap. These days (for me), playing an electric guitar as a solo is less than satisfying... but, having a guitar that starts with a nice acoustic sound and allows you to blend in electric tones and effects (amp dependent) has been a gas. Not to be confused with GAS as used around here... but the X10 may incite GAS in those so inclined to plug in.

Other than that first acoustic in 1964, every guitar I've owned has had a pickup. There was a Gibson acoustic in the 70s that required a soundhole pickup in order for me to play out, but all since that one have had onboard electronics. This X10 is the most sophisticated and versatile of that line of acoustics. Best playing one, too.

It may not be the guitar for everyone (what is?), but for those who play plugged in, there is a lot to like here.