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Originally Posted by raysachs View Post
They all sound really good Jim. But I have to wonder if something in the recording hardware / software is automatically equalizing the volume somehow? Having roughly the same X20 and X7 it's hard to imagine they'd sound that similar to a listener at the same distance. Because, as you say, to the player's ear, there's an enormous difference. Have you played them with someone else in the room listening or, better yet, had someone else play them for you to listen?

Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
All three were recorded while I was sitting in my comfy playing chair. The mics on the Zoom recorder were about 12" from the 12th fret and the soundhole. I have to say that I was less than happy with the lack of bass in the recording, but I set the levels manually, with no changes (only pressed the pause) between each guitar. The only reason I can think of why the X7 would sound so similar is that the projection is forward on that guitar, rather than up and forward on the other two. But, really, that X7 sounds better than it has a right to with its size.
My observation listening to your clip of the three guitars and your response to it really fired up my curiosity, although it took me a while to get around to testing it.

So I just played both my X20 and prior generation X7 for my wife and asked her if she noticed anything different between the sound of the two. She said that the X20 sounded a bit deeper, but otherwise very similar. I asked specifically about volume and she said they sounded about the same.

Then I did a very quick little sound-clip of my own using a condenser mike and I heard it exactly like she did. The X20 is a deeper / fuller sounding guitar, but the X7 matched it for volume. Which I find kind of amazing because from the player's perspective, that two-way oriented soundhole in the X20 makes it sounds ENORMOUSLY louder than the X7. The X7 sounds really good, but just doesn't seem to project as much. But, in fact, it does, it just doesn't project up at the player in anything like the same way.

I'm kind of amazed that this soundhole design makes THIS MUCH difference. I guess I shouldn't be - that's WHY they designed it that way obviously. But, man, it's vastly effective. Sorry to butt back in and go OT here - this thread is about your X10 and I hope you're loving it. But your clip really freaked me out a little bit and I just had to check it out for myself...