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Default Presonus Audiobox Bundleóopinions please

My wife gave me this combo unit for Christmas...havenít decided if Iím keeping it or not.

Iím kind of a technological knuckle head. (We gave my son a ďsimplifiedĒ Boss BR 600 digital recording deck several years ago and I got the chills just reading the introduction to the Manual.).

Home recording sounds like a good idea but a) I donít have a dedicated space to set this thing up and b) Where in the world will I find the time to learn how to use it?

Iíd appreciate your thoughts: Is this a good package? Are there better neophyte alternatives? Do I need a dedicated space to utilize the full functionality?

The clock is ticking on the return...I donít know how much she paid for it but if its overly complicated or beyond an entry learners ability....well, I just canít see keeping it.

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