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Question Advice please (#1): Simple way to use mic with iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

I’m looking for advice on a relatively simple, inexpensive (under $200 total) way to use my iPad Pro 10.5 inch (2017) to collaborate. This would be practicing with 1-3 other people remotely and possibly streaming as well (Zoom, FB Live). I am the rhythm guitarist and do the majority of the singing in this group.

I have spent hours reading threads on AGF (very helpful as a starting point) and doing research on the web. For the sake of simplicity, I think my best option is to buy a USB mic and Apple USB 3.0 to lightning camera cable ($39).

Here are the 3 USB mics that I am considering (I’d love to get an Apogee HypeMic, but at $349, that’s not in my budget).

- Rode NT-USB @ $169 (which puts me $8 over budget… I can handle that).

- Audio-Technica AT2020+ @ $149

- Samson G-Track Pro USB @130 (which has a built-in audio interface and allows you to plug a guitar in… that’s what makes it attractive to me)

Both the Rode and the Audio-Technica seem to be well-liked. There’s less out there on the Samson, but what is there is also very positive. All of them will allow me to plug in headphones and control the mix of what’s coming out of my mic and the music coming from the iPad (from others).

I also looked at buying an audio interface (Audient EVO 4 or Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) and using my Sennheiser e935, but I would prefer not to go through that learning curve (I watched too many videos showing how to work with DAWs that make my eyes glaze over). It appears that it may be possible to bypass the computer/DAW and use a powered USB hub between the audio interface and the USB to lightning cable into the iPad, so I’m still considering that solution too, since it would allow more flexibility down the road.

Listening… please speak very slowly and in non-technical language .

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