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Originally Posted by lkingston View Post
I just plugged the guitar into one of XLR/line combo inputs. The vocal was the X/Y mic (replaced with the stereo shotgun mic module). The guitar was the next free input. In iPad interface mode, the H6 combines the X/Y mic and the four extra inputs to a stereo pair.

Your H4N Pro does the same thing, but the X/Y mic head isn't replaceable and there are only two combo ins. Just use the X/Y mic a little closer and plug your guitar in at the bottom.

That or you could just use a mic into one input and your guitar into the other.
Thanks for confirming. That's what I figured. I plug a mic and guitar into the H4n Pro when I've used it to record, so that's my standard setup. I wish I had the option to use the shotgun like you do, but I'll be sticking with the H4n Pro for now.

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