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Default Advice please (#2): Getting mic and guitar input into iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

Originally Posted by pax238 View Post
Thatís really nice sound. Can you please confirm the chain you used on the video? How are the H6 and Shertler interfacing with the iPad? Are you using an Apple camera kit? Or am I missing completely on your setup (are you using something other than an iPad to record)?

Last night I dug out my Zoom H4n Pro and put it into audio interface mode. I plugged my Sennhesier e935 into one channel and my Eastman T184MX into the other. The H4N4 Pro went directly into my Macbook USB port. I also plugged my headhones into the H4n Pro and enabled monitor mode. I tested it with both Zoom and Facebook Messenger video chat, and both worked. Iím not sure what will happen if I swap the Eastman out and an acoustic guitar into the H4n Pro (since the Sennheiser mic will probably pick up the guitar as well), but thatís OK for practicing with band matesÖ Iíll just used the Eastman.

Iím also intrigued by the Samson G-Track Pro USB mic as well, with itís built-in audio interface and ability to plug in a standard guitar cable and headphones.

The H4N should work fine for this. There isnít enough USB buss power on an iPad to power the G-Track. It might work with a powered hub though.

Yes, I just used the camera connection kit. I kind of like the shotgun mic with voice on video because you can back it off from your face so that the mic isnít covering it (like in Tiny Desk Concerts).

Another possibility is the Zoom U22 or U44 (which is like the H series recorders, but without the SD card recorder). I donít know if it works with the mid-side-stereo feature of the SGH6 shotgun mic though. I know it would be fine with the SSH6 mono shotgun mic.

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