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I got a Vega Senator with the brass tone ring. It sounds great, nice and plunky but rings with plenty of volume. It is heavyish. Far heavier than my old Cripple Creek but it isn't uncomfortable.

The only negative I have, and it is very small, is the 5th string nut is a nail vs. a pip which lowers the 5th a touch. I have thought about adding a pip or just swapping to a raised 5th bridge but it just isn't a major deal.

I thought I wanted a scoop initially but decided that wasn't a big deal either as plenty of folks play over the fretboard and scoops weren't really a thing except within minstrel. It wasn't until Mike Ramsey began offering scooped banjos commercially did people seem to really see a need.

Right now I haven't done any modifications although I may try a fyberskin head, Nygut strings, and experiment with bridges to help bring up the bottom. I have a Moon 1/2" heavy on my Baldwin that I really like so I may try a Moon but in 11/16th size on the Vega to give a bit more height for the thumb on the 5th. For now it sounds pretty good.

I added the Moon Heavy bridge to the Baldwin because it has an archtop and a clear head. It helped with the intonation which what it was designed to do. The heavy bridge calms it down some as did heavier strings but I never thought to replace the head with a frosted one though. It stands out but I like that.
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