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Originally Posted by Vancebo View Post
People say the HFN is already very natural sounding. If you donít think so then the Tonedexter will indeed get you all the way there. It does what it supposed to do. I donít use mine since my Dazzo pickups already sound very natural on their own. Adding the TD is a bit unnecessary.
Same with me: I have Schatten, Dazzo, K&K and Ultra Tonic installed in my guitars. I like what the Tonedexter does with K&K and Ultra Tonic, but do not need it on my Schatten and Dazzo installed guitars. If you want to buy something, I would recommend the Alix. But why ? You write you have a Para DI at hand. And with a Touchmix you have elaborate EQ to notch out the feedback frequency. Maybe a different pickup helps more. Ultra Tonic is such a clever design , especially for boomy guitars like HD28. That's why I use it in my prewar D28 style Merrill C28.

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