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Originally Posted by robj144 View Post
A few month update for those interested on the quality of these cheap guitars. I swapped the PUs in the SG and it's my beater guitar that I don't really care about. It's still in the same condition as when I got it and sounds great with the PUs.

I have zero problems with the tele and I think it sounds very good too with stock PUs.

The LP style guitar with P90's sounds amazing. It might be favorite of all my electrics sound wise. But, the finish has started to chip. I mean literally chip... there are little divots in the finish. But, I really don't care as it's so cheap. Like I said it sounds great.

Just wanted to let you know the QC... it's a little hit and miss.
Thanks for the update, Rob. The main thing is that they sound great. I wonder if the LP finish chipping will give the guitar an aged look? Perhaps it'll look like a well played guitar with lots of mojo ... or it'll look cheap (as you put it).
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