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Default Luthiers- what's the deal

Hi everyone

Just wanted to relate a couple of stories. I started my guitar journey about 7 years ago and soon found this forum. What a wealth of information! I've been a frequently visitor since. One little tidbit I took to heart was the importance of getting a new/old guitar setup. When I picked up my first "good" guitar, a used Taylor 314ce, I decided to take it to the only luthier in my area, a gentlemen that's been building guitars for 30 plus years. When I arrived at his shop, I stressed that I wanted the guitar setup properly, so he promptly opened the case, sighted down the neck, pressed the strings down with a capo and finger, did a quick 1/4 turn of the truss rod, sighted down again, and said that should do it. Put the guitar back in the case and charged me $20. Fast forward to about a year ago. I now own an Emerald X-20 carbon fiber guitar, with an annoying, intermittent buzz. I tried tweaking the truss rod, lowering and raising the saddle and adjusted the nut. It's much better, but still I can hear it occasionally. There are flat spots along most of my frets, and in my mind this is the culprit. So off to a different "recommended" luthier about 1-1/2 hour drive away. This time I spent some time with him, explaining what I did, what I wanted him to look at and so on. I pointed out that I think the nut could have some work, frets appear flat to me (which he did agree), and that with all my playing around, I probably should have the action a raised a bit. He seemed to be more concerned with my having some nickel strings on as he mentioned it more that twice. (I was experimenting). Well, a week later, back again but this time only to find his assistant working. So I query him, asking what they did. Well, new strings for sure - can't have nickel ones, and they replaced the saddle with one I had brought. What about the frets, what about the nut? He stuttered out that they were fine and gave me the bill. His reaction assured me they didn't even look at them. So, two luthiers that I was more than happy to pay to do a thorough setup, and two luthiers that did not seem to want to do the work. I don't get it.
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