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My first try was using a Blue Ice usb mic, which was pretty lousy, though better than the onboard mic on my dell laptop. Then I pulled out my condenser mic, Rode M3, plugged it into a Focusrite 2i2 preamp, with usb output to PC. Sound was clear and clean and surprisingly didn’t pick up room noise like the other mics. Still learing about live streaming, like lots and lots of people now.

Agree with ljguitar is that any good mic, fed through any preamp into your computer will do the trick for sound. I used the laptop onboard-camera which seemed quite adequate.

There are a million ways to improve on my basic will be having fun with it. Next is perhaps a lapel mic so that I don’t need to keep my head so still. Then a small mixer so the guitar and voice can be individually balanced. Then possibly look at cameras. And then there is a piece of software call OBS, Open Broadcaster Software which is used for more sophisticated podcasting and streaming with multiple camera, etc... Have fun

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