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Originally Posted by slappy645 View Post
I know this thread is a little stale...
And here I come even 5 years later.

I know this is a long shot but maybe you still check out this forum. I own the same guitar and want to upgrade it with a Lollar pickup.
However, the different size options Lollar offers are driving me crazy. Did you pick a tall pickup with wide spacing or a medium/short one with narrow spacing?

Our loar stock pickup is somewhere in between the Lollar options, closest to a tall pickup / narrow pole piece spacing combination - a mix that Lollar doesn't offer.

Anyhow, I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you still read this and maybe remember which pickup format you ended up choosing. I need to import the pickup from the States to the EU so I really don't wanna make a mistake.
Thanks a lot!

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