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Default Yet another question about neck action

Hopefully I can explain myself so that the more knowledgeable here can offer some advice.

I am trying to dial in the setup on a Washburn WG-26S guitar. This is basically an OM-ish or perhaps GA size, solid cedar top guitar. It is currently strung with Medium gage strings as that is all I had on hand.

Putting a capo on the 1st fret and pressing down the 6th string where the neck meets the body, I can slip a std business card under the 6th string with the string rising just a hair. Thatís the best I can do as I donít have a set of feeler gages any longer.

Removing the capo, I measure the 6th string height at the 12th fret to be approximately 2.5mm. Measuring the string height at the bridge I get 10mm. The best I can tell the truss rod is adjusted very tightly.

Finally, laying a straight edge on the frets the end of the straight edge falls a strong 1/32Ē below the top of the bridge. I know that is not ideal.

The issue Iím having is that the action on this guitar just seems to be a bit high for my tastes. Iím curious if using light or extra light gage strings would make any difference in the action, or should I be looking at other things on this guitar?
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