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Originally Posted by Jaden View Post
...Ive been wondering about the Gretsch scale length compared to the Strat and Tele - I guess youd have it strung with medium gauge flatwounds, with which you could have the action set very low, for fast playability...
I've been using flatwound 12's on my '64 Double Annie for the last 55 years, 11's on my 3-PU 5622 - both factory spec in terms of gauge, and IME it's more a function of the wrapping/vibrating envelope that allows for lower action. BTW I used 11's on my 25-1/2" scale White Falcon in the beginning, found 10's play/sound better: totally counterintuitive based on my experience - 12's were standard back in the day, and I was all set to step up in the interest of tone - but I've also found that better-quality guitars have a way of telling you what they like rather than the other way around...
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