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Originally Posted by mirwa View Post
If its 2 Pack, then its pretty well impervious to everything, acetone, thinners, any cleaning compound will not damage it Just make sure you know exactly what the finish is before utilising any cleaning product
Originally Posted by John Arnold View Post
Naphtha is safe for any finish I have used it on. You may be able to rub off the glue and not use a solvent, but it can be hard on the fingertips. Remaining glue residue can be removed with a rubbing compound. I use Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish.
Thank you, Steve and John - much appreciated.
Iíve spoken to the builder already, so I know itís 2-pack. If I decide to go ahead, I think Iíll use my wifeís hairdryer (donít have one of my own - no hair to need drying!) 😱😂
Glad to hear that naphtha is a safe bet for cleanup once the guardís off.
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