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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Ok that is your opinion
Didn't we already go through this in the other thread ?

Ok perhaps with so with Yamaha but of course that is irrelevant, because Yamaha is not Breedlove, nore vise versa . That notion is falling into a typical "association fallacy" type argument

"Suffer" is a vague and ambiguous term. (have Breedloves sales of US made guitars gone down ?) And "suffer" is only your opinion. I have one Breedlove Masterclass and it does not seem to suffer at all. I guess I am at a loss to understand why someone would think their perception is automatically a general one.

And in point of fact the company can and is a Lexus and Toyota at the same . The analogy is pretty funny given that the Lexus division of Toyota is the largest selling "premium" vehicle produced in Japan

Never mind.
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