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I am guessing that the original rosewood was sealed with some sort of sealer product originally... Vinyl sealer or shellac.

To match the original finish - you will probably need to do some of that as well.

But I agree with the rest here. Finishing guitars is extremely challenging because the finishes have to be about perfect or they look horrible.

This is made more so because you dont want to wreck the existing finish... And unfortunately - you are at a very dangerous point. You are very quickly heading down the rat hole "throwing good money after bad" with this job.. Think - you started off to put a drop or 2 of superglue into a small closed crack and now you are about to refinish the whole back.....

And what started out as a $50 repair has now passed a $300 repair and is quickly going up from there.

Pick a point where you will stop and you cut your losses. I recommend THIS round. I think this will be important here. Because the more times you touch this repair - the bigger it keeps getting.
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