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Default I Fudged Up

First of all, thanks for welcoming me into this awesome forum. I've been an outside visitor for some time now, so it's nice to be able to actually participate.

On to my delimma:

I'm an idiot. I bought this brand new 2016 DSR-GC for nearly nothing due to there being a fairly large Crack in the back. I've rehumidified the guitar for about a week and noticed that the two halves were uneven (one side higher then the other) after they finally grew together. Because I'm about as hard headed as they come, I decided to fix it myself using a dulled razor blade and some super glue. Here is the result after sanding, wet sanding, steel wool etc etc.. the guitar has a satin finish on it, so yeah I messed that up. Should I go ahead and polish the rest of the guitar or should I sand off the awful super glue and try an aerosol satin finish and blend? I'm lost. Thanks.

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