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Default Recent mods to my LH-309

I know this thread is a little stale, but I have just completed some modifications to my LH-309. I added a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece and replaced the original P-90 pickup with a Lollar Gold Foil dogear mount.

The Bigsby B-60 tailpiece ( is designed for full hollow-body archtops like the Gibson ES-175. The lateral mounting holes on the B-60 align perfectly with those from the original tailpiece, but had to be enlarged 1/64" to acommodate the new larger screws.

I had to fill the hole left by the stock wood plug strap button with a tapered dowel to install the standard screw-in strap button needed for the Bigsby.

I also replaced the original bridge with a roller bridge, and had to reduce the base significantly to get satisfactory action.

When I installed the Lollar Gold Foil pickup ( (standard height), I also replaced the rest of the electronics (as recommended by Jason Lollar): CTS 500K pots, a .015 cap and a Switchcraft jack. I also replaced the knobs with amber "speed knobs," just because I think they look cool. All the parts came from Stewart-MacDonald.

I removed the original P-90, volume pot, tone pot and output jack as a unit through the pickup hole. I soldered all of the new electronics together as a unit using shielded, cloth-bound wire.

The holes in the top of the guitar had to be enlarged for the new pots, and the output jack hole also had to be enlarged, just slightly. I found it easiest to do a clean job on these by using successively larger drill bits turned by hand. The more experienced might just take a drill to the job, but I was too chicken.

The two mounting holes on the dogear-mount Gold Foil aligned perfectly with those for the original P-90.

I have been very pleased with both modifications. The Gold Foil is a phenomenal pickup, clean, quiet, clear as a bell, and I love having the Bigsby to warble around with.

Some photos:

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