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Default Show us your BREEDLOVES

So there are a lot of threads here regarding Martin, Gibson, boo-teek builders like Santa Cruz and luthier-built instruments. One major builder I am not seeing much stuff here for is Breedlove.

On some boards, I see folks rip on Breedlove because they are modern. They are not anything Arlo Guthrie played. The headstock is not symetrical. All of these ... true.

I like me a Martin or a Gibson or a Santa Cruz model F as much as they next guy, but I am drawn more to Breedlove. They are doing things with construction and design that nobody else is, to tremendous effect.

So show me your Breedloves!

Here are mine ... I am short, so I play smaller guitars. Both of my Breedloves are the concert body shape, which due to depth and design has plenty of bass. Due to bracing differences (one w the bridge truss, one without) the guitars are very different beasts tonally.

Breedlove C20 SM American series. Bight. Powerful. Stands up for itself in competition with other instruments acoustically.

Breedlove C20 SMYR limited edition Oregon series. Complex. Rich. Sophisticated.
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