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Originally Posted by SherriA View Post
I received a nice Levy's guitar strap this past weekend and when I went to attach it the button on the bottom of the guitar popped out When I put the strap on first and then put the button back in, it just popped right back out... almost as if it couldn't handle having a strap (which would defeat its purpose, right?!)

What am I doing wrong, or is there a way to work around this? Also, is it possible to have a button attached to the base of the neck so I don't have to use the tie-thing?
Assuming that this guitar has a standard tapered end pin, you may try wrapping a bit of masking tape around the pin to make it a bit larger. Then, the pin should be tight enough to hold the strap without popping out. Word of caution... you probably won't need much tape. Also, don't force the pin if it's too large after adding tape... remove tape as necessary. if you try to force it, you may split the end block or crack the guitar.

Yes, you can have a strap pin added to the base of the neck. I recommend having a tech at the shop do this, as they'll likely have experience and know where the pin should be placed to avoid damaging the neck joint.
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