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Sweet! Congrats on the build I can sense your excitement haha. I had no idea you could ask for things like different bracing and lightness of build.. I just went off of what was on the Halcyon website and Ed never mentioned it. That makes things even more complicated for my obsessive personality haha.

And yes Come Thy Fount has such a powerful message I love it

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^^^ Love the signature. Just got done singing that lyric to my 3 year old before bed.
One thing regarding the walnut. Ed has it in two flavors: regular( sometimes I think called figured) and flamed. He had said that the flamed has more overtones to it, but not surprising they're very similar. Also one thing I learned from Ed is in reference to bracing. Since I really liked the Larry more than the Martin or Taylor, he recommended going with tapered rather than scalloped. All I ever hear about is scalloped, so it didn't occur to me think otherwise. I've learned so much in this process. I love it. I told Ed I trusted his judgement regarding the bracing, and then basically said build it really light, cross pollinate the woodyness of a Martin with the balance of a Larrivee, and call it good.

Can you tell I'm excited? 1 month down, 5 to go. Thank goodness for AGF and Ed's Facebook page.
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