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^^^ Love the signature. Just got done singing that lyric to my 3 year old before bed.
One thing regarding the walnut. Ed has it in two flavors: regular( sometimes I think called figured) and flamed. He had said that the flamed has more overtones to it, but not surprising they're very similar. Also one thing I learned from Ed is in reference to bracing. Since I really liked the Larry more than the Martin or Taylor, he recommended going with tapered rather than scalloped. All I ever hear about is scalloped, so it didn't occur to me think otherwise. I've learned so much in this process. I love it. I told Ed I trusted his judgement regarding the bracing, and then basically said build it really light, cross pollinate the woodyness of a Martin with the balance of a Larrivee, and call it good.

Can you tell I'm excited? 1 month down, 5 to go. Thank goodness for AGF and Ed's Facebook page.
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