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Thanks much for the thoughtful reply. I did discuss it briefly with Ed. He pretty much told me go with what I prefer I just wanted to get insight from folks here. Thanks!

Originally Posted by psychojohn View Post
FWIW, Although not halcyons, my Martins are both IRW and to my only slightly trained ear don't have too many overtones to strum, it's all I know how to do and they sound great to me when doing so.

On Walnut and character: I'd just advise not to generalize to Ed's walnut axes from other builds/builders. He really takes a lot of time/care/skill to tune the tops (I believe) and tweaking other tonal variables. Never heard one in person, but posters of his walnut guitars have raved and loved them. Ed would be in the best position to address this issue with you. I'll also add, however, that my Halcyon 12 fret 000 in Primavera/Lutz has some over tones, but I'm pretty sure it's the Lutz contributing to this, so I'd be equally or more concerned about your top wood and bracing choices than back and sides.

Alternately, in commissioning my Halcyon and now my Tinker build, there are so many considerations and decisions, it can get a little daunting, confusing and this is when I leave it to the expert, Ed.


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