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Congrats Mr. Eddie. You know I have a huge man crush on Ben and his guitars, jeez, I have enough of them!

Yes, you owe this all to me and Ben takes far too much credit for his Comma series, as far as I am concerned it should be the B'sox-stravaganza series!!! (Ben are you listening?).

I agree, that Ziricote is mind blowing pretty and it finishes soooo well also, but I feel bad for the top as it takes second fiddle. Look at that straight grain and silking in that T-14 wood! I mean that is an amazing top. I will give Ben some credit here, he is amazing with redwood and has pretty much made me a redwood disciple starting with a hunk of shelf from a hardware store to build the Black Lion (the body size that inspired the Arum BTW).

Congrats and you are going to love this.

Mike, Ben has done one of the Sidewinders for Brad, AZ cardinal that he posted a video on here

I can't even imagine the bass out of that monster as my Nautilus has bass like no other guitar I own.
PS. I love guitars!
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