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Originally Posted by Arumako View Post
The bridge must be moved in exact parallel motion with the top to ensure the bottom of the bridge and the top meet flushly. Although it's simple, the process is quite time consuming. If the fit is not flush, full resonance will not be achieved.
Really love reading this post. You got some serious skills .

Just a suggestion, have you considered using a jig/fixture to help when you profile your archtop bridge feet? I discovered this tool by Stew-Mac that is perfect for making sure that the foot is perfectly contoured, or as you say, "flushy" (and at a right angle) to match the sound board top.


I crafted a home-made version out of 1/4" plexiglass and a left-over band-saw blade roller bearing, that works just as advertised, and it does make a huge difference in overall tone and volume to make sure the bridge foot contact, or foot print is perfect and "flushy" .

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