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Originally Posted by antsdmb View Post
We all must be bunched together! I'm due to get my name called in the very near future as well. It will be an OM in ziricote and either adi/german spruce. You are all right, though....John has hit a sweet spot with his maple builds. I flirted with that idea as well. I've also been flirting with the idea of a 7/8 dread. The build needs to start so I can be committed!

Congrats on the builds, guys. We're all in for good times ahead.

I'm still enjoying this OM. It is fully broken in at this point, some two years later. It has a little more sweetness than when it was first purchased, with just a touch more overtone content and sustain. The headroom and incredible volume still remain. These recordings are about as representative as I can get. I have a very hard time getting good recordings, as much as I try.

I ordered a Euro/maple 000-12c and an OM-18 from John at some point in the last few years. The 000-12c will be coming up soon.
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