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It's hard to believe it's been a year already. After the first month, this guitar really settled in and loosened up a bit. It still has the most headroomof any guitar I currently own and the volume and projection are exceptional. I couldn't have imagined an OM fitting my particular taste more than this guitar. I've always known John was a great builder, but this guitar is great even by his lofty standards. Unbelievable power with a strong fundamental and just enough overtone content to make the guitar bloom, dripping with the sweet, sweet nectar that is the vintage Martin tone. I am totally, utterly, and in all other ways smitten. I haven't played one better.

I have a 000-12 coming up at the end of the year with a Euro top and maple back and sides. It will mimic a similar 000-12 that knocked off my socks, blew me away, and took me to a higher plane of consciousness - a guitar that I played at Schoenberg but lacked a cutaway.

Mr. Slobod, sir, my guitar cup overfloweth.
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