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I am ready to put braces, not that I've made them, into the Tree OM. The back is pictured from the inside and sanded to 150grit, while the top is shown on the outside with the rosette nearly cleaned up.

I don't like to say any top or back is "mastergrade", because to me that just means it is the master's best pick from a pile of high quality material, which describes all of my tonewood on my non-WRX guitars, which this is. But . . . this top was offered by the most prestigious of the European spruce supply houses, Florinett Tonewoods, and they had graded it as their "MA" which means mastergrade. It was silly expensive from my POV, but it is the best EuroSpruce I've seen offered. EVER. And then I went through their 200 top pile at the show I attended in Cremona last fall, and I found the 2 MA tops I thought best, as well as 4 that were "merely" AAA. So, this top ought to qualify.
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