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Try Postimage.

I will paint with a broad brush give some general guidance...

Here is a useful way to think about the structure: Everything from the neck to the bridge is structural. Everything below is tone. Do not scallop anything above the bridge - you need the structural integrity of the straight braces.

Top wise - 2mm is thin. 2.5mm is more along the lines of where you need to be. You can thin it out more below the bridge - but you need some wood above the bridge.

Neck wise - 1 year is usually not enough from a tree. The general rule is 1 year per 25mm thickness to dry it. This does not count seasoning.

What sort of wood was this? Was it a branch or was it from the main trunk of the tree? Branch wood is generally not a good choice - it tends to twist around a lot....

Bridge material. I would not use oak here. It shifts a lot with humidity changes. Dense mahogany would be a better choice.
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