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Just reviving my own thread...

So I went ahead and had the DTAR Multisource installed and, having now used it for a few months, I'm not happy with it at all.

It seems rather bright and has more of the piezo quack than the Anthem system in my Martin. The output is also really hot, which I've found has caught out those doing sound at a number of open mic nights and seems to contribute to a tendency to feedback - I also had to reduce the bass boost right down to nothing on the endpin.

Any I emailed LR Baggs and asked about the viability of installing an Anthem SL and putting the tru-mic on the underside of the top itself rather than on the bridge plate and had this reply:

"I actually have the Anthem SL in a smaller body guitar of mine, that also has a very small bridgeplate. I installed the mic toward the back side of the plate, directly to the top, and it sounds fantastic.

You may need to try a couple of different mic placements, but you should be able to get an excellent tone pretty easily.

All the best!

Caleb Elling

So that sounds hopeful, however, due to the slightly odd-ball bracing in my Fylde, I'll have to set the Tru-mic sort of 'off centre' rather than directly behind the bridgeplate - my tech and I are going to try this at some point this week and see what happens.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had to install the anthem this way?
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