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Default Pickup Advice for Guitar with Small Bridge Plate - Anthem alternative?

Hi guys,

I have two acoustics - one Martin OM28v and one by a uk builder called Fylde - and I play British style fingerpicking folk.

The Martin has had several pickups in it over the years but I've recently had the LR Baggs Anthem SL system installed which I've been very happy with. I like the ease of use, the 'plug in and play aspect' and, above all, the tone. I also like that it seems to be relatively feedback resistant and not too fussy about the system it goes through.

I decided to have the same system installed in my Fylde, but hit a snag when my tech realised the bridge plate is not big enough for the mic capsule to sit on. Well it is but in order to be far enough away from the bridge pins it touches the x braces.

So I don't think the Anthem system is going to work in this guitar and I'd like some advice on alternatives.

I have used K&K in the past on my Martin and another guitar and, as much as I like the sound, I find that for some of the open mic situations I play at in pubs etc, they can feedback a little too easily, plus I've already checked and the transducers would have to hang off the edge of the bridgeplate so I'd rather not go that route.

I currently have an M1a which I take in and out of the Fylde when needs be but I find the low end a little too 'hyped', although I haven't spent a lot of time adjusting the pole peices to compensate. I'm not adverse to a soundhole pickup but I ideally would want one that can be removed when not in use as I find they do change the unplugged tone.

An artist I like in the UK called Chris Wood uses a M1a with a DPA microphone into a Dtar solstice - something like this could work but I'd need a way of running the mic on a ring channel of a stereo output rather than drilling a second hole in my guitar.

I've also looked at the Dtar Multi Source but, the anthem aside, a lot of systems similar to this (such as fishman's presys blend) seem to feedback on the high end very easily.

Sorry if this is going on a bit but does anyone have any suggestions?
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