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Default "Both Sides Now" - Joni Mitchell - Tutorial/TAB

This is a beautiful song that I originally transcribed from memory many years ago, having listened to Randy Scruggs version some ten years previous. Its in open G tuning: DGDGBD - fingerstyle.

The TAB sounds very robotic as I have only transcribed WHEN you should pluck a note. In practice, you should generally sustain all the notes as long as possible. Bass notes naturally are played with the thumb. You should vary the tempo of this piece, particularly by slowing down at the end of sections. Where there are two notes played with the thumb and finger together, I tend to play the bass note a fraction before the melody note. In all places in the slow sections where there are more than two notes played together, I arpeggiate rather than play them all together.

If you have trouble with any section or have a question, please quote the bar numbers that you can see in the TAB. Its not a particularly difficult piece.

Download the Tuxguitar TAB here: Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

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