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The finished product...

Joan finished the guitar quilt today. I know how much time and effort she put into it. The photo doesn't do it justice: she put flame-shaped stitching through the background (just for me).

Early on, she asked if she should modify the design to reflect the guitars I have... "No, these are representative of some real standards in the guitar world - besides, my guitars do change from time to time."

Yesterday, she bought a new sewing machine. Yes, I could have gotten another nice guitar for what that machine cost... I'm not complaining - I have plenty of guitars, this is her first upscale machine for future projects.

She has been working on this quilt with the wife of my music partner; she is an experienced quilter and has been very helpful for Joan. He and I worked on some new tracks today. He did a sax solo (synth) today that just left me speechless. This all makes me feel like I should do something socially redeeming.
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