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Originally Posted by PTony View Post
I’ve eyed the Angry Charlie and an EP Booster. They’re both on my short list. I’ve been using a spark mini as an always on. Love that it doesn’t color my tone. And the momentary boost option. But, still “need” another boost so the EP will be my next addition.

Love Earthquaker stuff! My Dispatch Master is used at home, and I also will use on my acoustic “fly rig” when playing out. EQ makes great pedals.

I’ve tried the OCD (V1) and was unimpressed. I’m sure the later versions are better. Have also heard some great things about the em drive. Believe it or not I had a Mooer Green Mile that sounded fantastic. I honestly preferred it over quite a few TS style pedals. Sometimes it’s the ones no one would expect that grab ya.

I also want to try the “Neunaber Wet”
The EP Booster is tiny and would survive a nuclear bomb. I love what it does to a clean signal.

Angry Charlie can do subtle blues to very gainy stuff equally well.

I too like EarthQuaker stuff. The Hoof replaced a Big Muff because I felt it provided more range, and it plays well with other pedals much better. I had a hard time msking the Muff sound good to me. Fuzz can be tricky though because it tends to BE your sound rather than color it.

Wampler has a nice range of dirt pedals. I liked the Sovereign because it’s a bit unique, as it isn’t a Marshall inspired unit, or a Tube Screamer clone, etc.
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