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Originally Posted by SteveS View Post
Keith and Paul,
This is a great thing you guys are doing!
I built a guitar for a guy that was dedicated to his grandfather. We put a likeness of him on the headstock. Everyone thought it came out nice - grandmother, sons and daughters etc. They thought we captured his likeness.
If you'd like some help with that please let me know.
Thanks Steve, appreciate the offer. We are working away on the concepts. Loved your innovative rosette design...I am usually into the heavily paua'd guitars...but this guitar is the opposite...from the earth we come and to the earth we go...and want to celebrate the earth's natural beauty with this one.

A brand new duet I wrote with my daughter:

Olson Brazilian Dread #1325
Olson Brazilian SJ #1350
Olson Tiger Myrtle Dread #1355
Olson Brazilian Jumbo #1351
Olson 12-string Jumbo (one of only a few)
Martin D-42 Johnny Cash #51/200 (only 80 made)
And a few others

Quite a few limited edition and rare Martins
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